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About "hearing" measurement

If you are new to hearing aids, you may think that you only need to wear them, but please consult your hearing aid store first. There are many causes of hearing loss, including functional deterioration and illness for some reason. First, you need to know the cause of your hearing loss and your current hearing level. It is also advisable to accompany family and friends when visiting a hearing aid store or otolaryngologist. If your “hearing” is not good, we take great care, but you may ask someone near you to ask a question or understand your hearing aid.

Hearing aid selection

Hearing aids are aimed at improving the quality of daily life. Hearing aids need to be tailored to each person’s hearing. Therefore, when you come to the store, we will tell you what kind of trouble, medical history, and whether you visited the hospital, and explain the hearing condition based on the measurement results and various hearing aids. That way, you can choose the hearing aid that suits your environment, considering your preferred shape, model, budget, etc., but you can actually adjust and hear the “hearing aid sound.”
The goal for the effectiveness of the hearing aid is set according to the purpose (chief complaint) of the user. In addition, it is important to check the hearing aid effect, how to operate and care for it, and how to hear and care for the hearing aid. Hearing aids are not well known, but their features, price range, design, features, and “advantages and disadvantages” vary depending on the model and shape, so it’s best to listen carefully to the explanation.
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